What You Need to Know About Mobile Home Park Management Law CA

What You Need to Know About Mobile Home Park Management Law CA

If you are an owner of a mobile home park, you may need the services of an experienced mobile home law attorney to ensure that your park is in compliance with local and state laws and ordinances. What may seem like a simple change in your rules and regulations can result in confusion among your tenants and create an uncertain atmosphere within your park. All rules and regulations must be deemed to be “reasonable” and equally enforced. “Reasonable” may be up for interpretation by the courts. You need to avoid court at all costs. Utilizing a lawyer for landlord issues can avoid misunderstandings and costly fees associated with a court case.

The Mobilehome Residency Law regulates mobile home parks within the state of California. Commonly referred to as the MRL, it is a detailed and complex set of provisions enacted and codified under California Civil Code. The MRL is enforced by the courts. In the case of a dispute, it must be settled in a court of law. One more reason to have the right mobile home law attorney to guide you in the complexities of the law governing mobilehome park management.

Mobile home park management law can be complicated and appear convoluted. Experienced and qualified Lawyers for Landlords can help you through the myriad Civil Codes which apply to you and your business. The MRL provisions include everything from rental agreements and leases, to park regulations and rules enforcement. You need to have clear guidelines in place and make sure that every document is written clearly and can stand up in court, if need be. The goal is to have a mobile home community which runs well, is properly managed and has happy tenants. Avoiding costly court cases is just one of the benefits in having the right mobile home law attorney on your side.

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