What is a Tenant Impact Report?

What is a Tenant Impact Report?

Q and A By a Mobile Home Law Attorney

Q. Do I Need to Provide a Tenant Impact Report in Order to Close My Park?
Yes, preparation of a tenant impact report is required by the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) and must include a tenant relocation plan:
“Prior to closure of a mobilehome park or cessation of use of the land as a mobilehome park, the person or entity proposing the change in use shall file a report on the impact of the conversion, closure, or cessation of use upon the displaced residents of the mobilehome park residents. The report shall address the availability of adequate replacement housing in mobilehome parks and relocation costs.”

If you are a park owner, it is imperative that you have a mobile home law attorney draft the proper legal notices to your tenants. This is not something that should be conducted without a qualified expert in the field.

Q What Should Be Included in the Tenant Impact Report?
According to the Mobile Home Park Law California the preparation of the tenant impact report can be complex and should include the following:

An interview of all park residents affected to ascertain their relocation preferences and an explanation of relocation options available.

Appraisals for trailers and coaches in accordance with accepted practices.

Q. Do I Need to Notify Anyone Else of My Intention to Close?
Yes, depending on local ordinances, there is a process of legal notice that needs to be followed. As an owner, when you decide to close your mobile home park, you need to consult with a mobile home law attorney. In some cases, you may need a local approval to close. There may also need to be state and other local regulations which will need to be complied with. Do not attempt to handle these complex legal issues on your own. This is a situation where you need help in dealing with local government. Many times there may be a lot of politics to deal with and the last thing an owner needs is to get off on the wrong foot with someone in a position of power. It can come back to haunt you in the future. The attorneys at Lawyers for Landlords know all of the proper channels to go through and how to handle matters for mobilehome park owners who are wanting to close their properties. We can save owners a lot of headaches down the line. Contact us today. We are specialists in mobile home park law California.

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