Top Questions to Ask a Mobile Home Law Attorney

Top Questions to Ask a Mobile Home Law Attorney

When you find yourself needing the advice of a mobile home law attorney, be sure to ask the right questions. Look for an attorney who has practiced in your local jurisdiction, as laws vary by city and county. This familiarity with local laws can be very important. For instance, while there is no state rent control in California, many local jurisdictions do have rent control laws which may affect you, the mobile home park owner. Finding the right lawyer who you have confidence in and are comfortable with can make all the difference in how your case is resolved. Ask for recommendations, check reviews from past clients and make an appointment for an initial consultation. Generally speaking, many mobile home law attorneys offer a free consultation to review your case. This is when you can ask them questions and make the decision to go forward in hiring the attorney to take on your case. Here are a few helpful questions to ask :

1. What Types of Cases Have You Handled Successfully?
Mobile home park management law CA can be tricky, and you need an experienced lawyer to guide you to a successful outcome. Make sure that the right attorney has a team of qualified staff who are ready and able to assist you in handling your case. This isn’t the time for a rookie.

2. How Long Will My Case Take?

You may just need 2 consultations and a few hours of attorney time to write a few leases, or you may have more complex issues. Getting a good estimate of time involved will help with any misunderstanding down the road. Since mobile home law attorney advice will vary, you need to know ahead of time what to expect.

3. Does My Case Have to End in a Lawsuit?
No, in fact, the goal of your mobile home law attorney should be to avoid a lawsuit. Mediation and arbitration are less expensive than a court case. It is vitally important to make sure that your leases and regulations are properly written from the beginning. Proper enforcement of those rules and regs can oftentimes avoid any future legal trouble. Knowing the right way to deal with mobile home park management law CA is key to helping you, the client establish a peaceful community for you and your residents.

If you find yourself in need of legal advice for your mobile home park community, contact the team at Lawyers for Landlords today to discuss your legal needs regarding mobile home park ownership and management. We have decades of experience to assist you in running your park in the best way possible, avoiding complications down the road.

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