Tips for Mobilehome Park Owners

Tips for Mobilehome Park Owners

Running a mobilehome park is not an easy business. The combination of rule enforcement, personalities and interpretation of the law can cause misunderstandings and miscommunications. Knowing some of the common problems you may encounter as an owner of a mobile home park may help to mitigate potential problems.

Be sure that you and your management staff provide your tenants with access to the park’s rules and regulations. Each tenant needs to be provided with a written copy. Also you need to provide information about the laws which govern mobilehome tenants rights. These laws and regulations can be found here:

If it is requested in writing, you may be required to meet with residents to discuss disputes which may arise within the community
Be sure you and your staff operate within the MRL ( Mobilehome Residency Law) at all times, particularly when entering the tenant’s lot to make any necessary inspections or repairs.
If a change in lot lines is necessary, the guidelines for such changes can be found here: You may need to notify the tenant and meet other requirements in order to proceed.

Keep on top of tenant improvements, ensuring that proper permits have been granted. This may include new construction, electrical or plumbing work.
Watch for potential fire hazards, such as improper use of extension cords for outdoor lighting.

Knowing some of the common pitfalls and problems which you may encounter within your mobilehome park can ease relations with your management and your residents. The MRL is usually the final word on mobile home park law California and needs to be followed precisely. A well trained management team can make all the difference in the world. As an owner, it is in your best interest to have an attorney who is an expert in mobile home landlord tenant law. Running a tight ship will make sure that you have a peaceful community for all. Mobile home park law California can be complex. Contact the team at Lawyers for Landlords today to discuss your legal needs regarding mobile home park ownership and management. We have decades of experience to assist you in running your park in the best way possible, avoiding complications down the road.

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