Q and A on Mobile Home Park Law California

Q and A on Mobile Home Park Law California

Q: Are There Special Notices a Mobile Home Park Owner Must Deliver to Tenants?

A: Yes, the MRL ( Mobilehome Residency Law) establishes the rights and responsibilities of homeowners and and park management.  There are many issues which a landlord must make a tenant aware of when they are renting in a mobile home park. There are specific and legally required notices which must be properly prepared and served to be legally binding.  If not done correctly a tenant can void an agreement if not given correctly drafted written notice. Any landlord with questions should contact a landlord attorney.

Q: Must Tenants be Notified of Potential Health Risks?

A: Yes, certain potential health risks such as the presence of lead-based paint or asbestos need to be disclosed if renting the home.  A tenant should be informed if a death has occurred in the mobile home. Again, these legal notices must be properly prepared and served.  Lawyers for Landlords can assist you in this.

Q: Can I Charge a Cleaning Deposit to the Residents for Their Meeting in the Clubhouse? 

A: No, if the park residents are meeting as a resident organization and the meeting is open to all residents, you may not charge a cleaning deposit.  As covered by the MRL, tenants have a right to assemble and communicate for social or educational purposes at reasonable hours.

Q: Do Homeowners Need Special Permission to Make Improvements?

A: It depends how your agreement is drafted. They must follow the park rules and regulations, and all local and state ordinances as well.  This is an extremely important area to cover in your leases and rental agreements and yet another reason to have your agreements reviewed by a landlord attorney.  Lawyers for Landlords has full service law firms at the ready to help you with your mobile home park law needs.


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