Mobile Home Park Rent Control

Mobile Home Park Rent Control

In California, there is no state rent control which specifically pertains to mobile home parks.  However; currently there are over 100 California cities and counties which have passed some type of rent control or rent stabilization ordinances. Local laws and ordinances can cover the amount of any rent increases which can be imposed by owners to their tenants. In some instances an exemption can be granted to the local rent control ordinance.  Many of these laws are very precise and can be somewhat difficult to understand. For this reason, if you are a mobile home park owner who owns a park in an area which is governed by rent control, it is imperative that you consult with a mobile home law attorney.

If a lease is to be exempt from rent control, it must be written in a certain way.  Your mobile home law attorney will be able to ensure that as a mobile home park owner you are offering leases which comply with local and state regulations.  If you have an improperly written lease it can cause you to have serious legal issues. This is just one more reason why you need to contact Lawyers for Landlords. You should not attempt to handle local rent control issues on your own.  By doing so you run the risk of not being in compliance with local governmental regulations.  It’s simply not worth the risk.

Lawyers for Landlords has full service law firms, with mobile home law attorneys who have years of experience in dealing with issues such as local mobile home rent control issues.  The governmental body (such as a city or a county) which regulates the rent control laws will have precise codes and guidelines which you are required to follow.  Your rental agreements and leases need to be written and reviewed by an expert – a mobile home law attorney. Let us guide you to make sure you have the legal documents which are in compliance with the local rent control mandates.



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