Mobile Home Park Owners: Why You Need a Rental Landlord Attorney

Mobile Home Park Owners: Why You Need a Rental Landlord Attorney

Owners of mobile home parks can easily find themselves in a potentially sticky situation when it comes to evictions and the processes that surround them. If certain things are not done while attempting to evict a tenant, the tenant may be able to get around being evicted altogether. This may remain true even if they have not paid their rent in months, based on the fact that there are specific and legally required notices which must be properly prepared and served.  While many landlords may think they know the ins and outs and can handle any situation that may arise, there is no question that it is best to hire a landlord attorney. Utilizing a landlord attorney can be critical when it comes to evicting a resident.

Not only is it stressful to deal with evicting this type of tenant, you’re also dealing with a situation where the tenant may be very motivated to avoid eviction. With that being said, there are definitely ways a tenant can get out of being evicted. Researching the types of mobile home park law California uses is a great idea for landlords. Understanding  the variety of mobile home park law California utilizes is a great way to stay in the loop and understand how the process works, but this type of job should really be left to a professional. Avoiding the headache is one of the biggest reasons why a mobile home park landlord may want to hire an attorney.

Be aware that it can be a big burden to the wallet if a landlord is unable to evict a tenant who is not paying their rent. Landlords will almost universally find that the process is much simpler when they utilize the professional services of an attorney.  More than likely you are going to save money in the long run. This is just one more reason to make sure you consider consulting with legal counsel if you rent out units in a mobile home park.


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