Mobile Home Park Owners: Helpful Terms and Glossary

Mobile Home Park Owners: Helpful Terms and Glossary

As a mobile home park owner, you are required to follow the laws and  guidelines of the California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL).  Certain terms and phrases are used in the writing of mobile home tenancy law, which you should be familiar with. Understanding the definitions under the law can assist you in making sure that your park is in compliance with the MRL.  Maintaining legal status in your park will help to avoid lawsuits and potential fines arising from being out of compliance.


The following terms are taken directly from the Mobilehome Residency Law:

  • Service animal – this is an animal who has been trained to help a disabled person with with specific tasks directly related to that disability
  • Comfort animal – an animal also known as “assistance animal”, “companion animal” or “emotional support animal”.  These animals are not strictly a “service animal”, and are viewed differently under the law, with different rights than a traditional “service animal”.   It provides a form of therapy to a person with a verified psychiatric or mental disability
  • Guest  – as described in Civil Code Section 798.34(a) this person isn’t required to register with management.  They may stay no more than 20 consecutive days, or a total of 30 days  in a calendar year
  • HCD – the California Department of Housing and Community Development.  This department establishes and enforces laws related to all aspects of mobilehome parks: from construction, to occupancy.  This department also oversees sales, registration, and titling
  • Homeowner – the person who is renting  space in a mobile home park. The homeowner should have a lease or  rental agreement with the park management (Civil Code Sections 798.8 and 798.9)
  • Resident – may be either the homeowner or another person who is legally occupying  the mobilehome or manufactured home in a mobilehome park
  • Roommate – can be either a person who a family member or an additional resident.  Roommates may be required to be registered with park management or may need to be listed in the lease or rental agreement
  • Mobilehome –  as defined by Civil Code Section 798.3 is the same as “manufactured home”.  The difference is that a mobile home may be registered with either HCD or the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Manufactured home – according to Health and Safety Code Section 18007 is the same as “mobilehome”, with the exception  that it is always registered with HCD
  • Mobilehome Park, is defined by Civil Code Section 798.4, as  land where two or more mobilehome sites are rented or held out for rent, specifically intended for mobilehomes. See Civil Code Section 798.3


As a mobile home park owner, it is imperative that you are aware of the rights and responsibilities that you have under the law.  Make sure that your park stays in compliance to avoid costly lawsuits and fines. Be sure to consult with Lawyers for Landlords to go over your leases, agreements and policies.  Qualified Lawyers for Landlords are ready to assist you to set things up right from the start, instead of having to step in to solve a legal battle. Plan properly-with someone who is experienced in mobile home tenancy law and you will be well on your way to running a happy and successful mobile home community.  


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