Mobile Home Landlord Tenant Law

Mobile Home Landlord Tenant Law

Procedures For Homeowner Improvements and Alterations

Among the responsibilities as a mobile home park owner is establishing the proper procedures with rules and regulations for improvements within the park. Mobile home park management law Ca states that before a resident begins any improvements or repairs to their mobilehome, manufactured home or modular unit, they must file an application for a permit (form HCD 415). The California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) website states “The Department must review and approve plans and specifications for the alteration or conversion of manufactured homes. Department employees perform on-site inspections of alterations and conversions to the structural, fire safety, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems of regulated units.”

Your rental agreements and leases must clearly state what the procedures are for a resident’s proposed improvements. The MRL covers improvements such as :
Private Ramps on a Lot
Porch/Deck Wood Carport/Awning
Mobilehome Park Awning Enclosure
Cabana Construction Checklist
California Residential Code Ignition Resistant Exterior Codes
Stairway Detail
Eave Extension
Embankments and Slopes

Make sure that your renters understand how to proceed legally if they wish to make any alterations to their unit. Misunderstandings can develop quickly if an improvement has begun, but it not legally permitted. For instance, if a tenant has begun construction on an addition of a cabana room but has not received a permit, you, as the park owner will have to halt the building process. Who is your tenant going to be mad at? You! Be sure to avoid any potential conflicts by ensuring that your rules and regulations are clearly defined.

You need the help of an experienced and qualified attorney whose speciality is mobile home landlord tenant law. Your attorney will review your leases and rental agreements to ensure that all procedures are properly spelled out as to how to proceed with any alterations or improvements. Mobile home park management law Ca can be complex. You need to have the right attorney at your side to guide and an assist you so that your park is properly managed and can be a harmonious residence for your residents. Contact the team at Lawyers for Landlords today. We are experts in the field of mobile home park management law Ca and are ready to help.

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