Lawyers for Landlords : Your  Questions and Answers

Lawyers for Landlords : Your  Questions and Answers

Do I Need to Give My Mobile Home Park Tenants Written Notice of a Rent Increase?

Yes.  Covered under the California MRL, or the Mobilehome Residency Law ( (Civil Code Section 798.30), the requirement for a rent increase is a 90 day written notice.  Other items, such as fee increases charged for water, sewer, and trash are required to supply a 60 day notice in writing . Examples of other items which are covered by a 60 day notice include security deposits for things such as pool area keys or increases in vehicle parking fees.


Must I Offer a Lease or Rental Agreement?

Yes, California  Civil Code Section 798.18 within the MRL requires park owners to  offer both a month-to month rental agreement and a one year lease agreement available for homeowners.  The Mobilehome Residency Law, (Civil Code Sections 798.15)  states that certain items are to be included in a lease or mobile home rental agreement.  Requirements change annually, and the lease and/or agreement must be updated annually to ensure it is compliant with current law.


Are There Guidelines to Signage That My Mobile Home Park Must Comply With?

Signage is an important safety consideration, as well as covering several legal issues.  For instance, you can’t enforce parking regulations unless those regulations are posted to the public.  This is covered by Civil Code Section 798.28.5. Parking signs must be located at the entrance and exits to the mobile home park.  

Safety is important!  Titles 22 and 24 of the California Administrative Code have specific guidelines regarding the required signage for the areas around both swimming pools and hot tub areas.

Guest parking areas are equally important, and should be clearly defined.  Park management should review the posted rules regarding use of  things such as a shuffleboard court, billiard room or the use of exercise equipment on an annual basis as well.  

What if I am Not in compliance With the MRL?

If you are a mobile home park owner, make sure that you are in compliance with the MRL, the Mobilehome Park Residents Law .  The cost of being out of compliance means that you are running the risk of having your tenants file a complaint, which may result in a lawsuit or fine. If you are experiencing  any problems with your mobile home park tenants, you may need the services of Lawyers for Landlords. The Mobilehome Residency Law is designed to protect the renter, not the owner.  It can be quite complex. You may benefit from the assistance and advice of experienced and qualified Lawyers for Landlords.

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