Lawyer for Landlord Issues Offers Advice

Lawyer for Landlord Issues Offers Advice

A Lawyer for Landlord Issues may not be someone you think you need, but you may need to rethink that. If you have written leases for your mobile home park, or regulations, it is important that they be written properly. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with leases and rules and regulations which apply to your residents. Improperly written legal documents can bring trouble. By having a lawyer in your corner you can make sure your rights and responsibilities are protected. It is vital for you, the landlord, to know what you can and can’t do legally. Your lawyer for landlord issues knows mobile home park law California, and can best advise you in handling the management of your community.

There comes a point where decisions need to be made and they need to be made properly. Landlords need to think all of this over before they make a decision. The right lawyer can help you with this so you can make the right choice.

There are many lawyer for landlord issues which come up when renting out a mobile home within a park as an owner, especially in California. The right lawyer will be up to date on everything, as laws can sometimes confuse even the smartest landlords out there. The right lawyers know about mobile home park law California and can make sure that you are operating according to the law. Working with an experienced and qualified attorney will help you to be sure that your mobile home community is operating within the law.

One issue where it is important to consult with a legal expert is in the case of evictions. Your attorney can help advise you about mobile home park law California regarding the proper procedures in evictions. According to The MRL – Mobilehome Residency Law “the renter has five (5) days after the due date to pay the monthly rent. If the rent is not paid within those 5 days, a 3 day notice to quit or pay rent must be posted.” Also, within 12 months, after 3 late payments occur, the owner of the park then has the right to refuse payment and immediately evict. It is known as the three strikes provision in the MRL.

This is the type of information a lawyer for landlord issues has experience with and works with on a daily basis. This is the type of help you need. You, the park owner have rights and you need to know how to enforce them. Contact the team at Lawyers for Landlords today to discuss your legal needs regarding mobile home park ownership and management. We have decades of experience to assist you in running your park in the best way possible, avoiding complications down the road.

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