Landlords: Make Sure Your Towing Policy is Clearly Written

Landlords: Make Sure Your Towing Policy is Clearly Written

Mobile home park owners need to have a clearly written and concise parking policy, which is provided in writing to the tenants. Management is allowed to restrict parking and have residents’ cars towed within the guidelines specified within the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL). A clear policy will help to diffuse potential misunderstandings between tenants and management. Consult with a attorney who specializes in mobile home park rental law CA to make sure that your parking rules and regulations are properly written.
If a resident or one of their guests are parked in fire lanes, or blocking fire hydrants, for instance, they can be towed immediately, without notice. This represents a public safety issue. However, if the residents’ cars are simply in violation of a parking rule as described in the parking rules and regulations provided by the park owners, there is a process which must be followed. If they are in violation of the rules, a 7-day written notice is required.

The Vehicle Code provides additional procedures regarding how park management handles the towing of vehicles in addition to the towing company’s procedures in removal of the vehicle. Parking rules can help or hinder good relations between park management and their tenants. Making an appointment with an experienced and qualified attorney who deals in mobile home park rental law CA will ensure that your guidelines are clear and easy to follow, thus allowing for less tensions regarding the unexpected towing of vehicles. Understanding the intent of the MRL and putting your rules and regulations into an easy to understand policy will make a difference towards creating a happy community.

If you are a mobile home park owner, make sure that you are in compliance with the MRL, the Mobilehome Park Residents Law .  The cost of being out of compliance means that you are running the risk of having your tenants file a complaint, which may result in a lawsuit or fine. If you are experiencing  any problems with your mobile home park tenants, you may need the services of Lawyers for Landlords. The Mobilehome Residency Law is designed to protect the renter, not the owner.  It can be quite complex. You may benefit from the assistance and advice of experienced and qualified Lawyers for Landlords.

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