Involuntary Termination of Tenancy: What You Need to Know

Involuntary Termination of Tenancy: What You Need to Know

A termination of tenancy is different than an eviction. The termination is more about the lease being canceled and can be done by either party. An involuntary termination can come from either side. A landlord, especially over multiple properties, should be aware of the issue. A lawyer for landlord issues would be able to explain specific issues, but this article will be able to help with the basics.

One of the first things to consider is that any number of things can cause a termination to be involuntary. The tenant can be associated with the military or a similar profession. There could be an issue from an outside source. A mobile home law attorney will be able to give advice or prepare a landlord if something is coming up. The landlord is protected, just as the tenant is. The rights and responsibilities are covered under the California Mobilehome Residency Law.

A lawyer for landlord issues can help with looking for any issues that a landlord sees when the tenant fails to honor their lease. If the lease has conditions in place, the tenant must comply. That also goes for any time the landlord has found that the tenant perhaps misrepresented themselves when signing the lease.

A mobile home law attorney might need to look over the lease before it is put in place for a new mobile home park if the park is near a military base or something similar. The landlord has to be prepared for the chances of quick job changes in these places. One of the best ways to prepare for such instances is to keep open communication with the tenant.

The landlord will need to make sure they are aware of all the legal requirements of renting properties. Keeping in contact with the tenant can prevent many other issues. A mobile home community can be a place of harmony when rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant are clearly laid out and agreed to from the beginning. Contact one of the attorneys at Lawyers for Landlords today to help you in managing your mobile home park. We are experienced, qualified and eager to assist you with your legal needs.

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