How to Keep the Peace Within Your Mobile Home Park Community

How to Keep the Peace Within Your Mobile Home Park Community

Even in the best managed mobile home parks, there are always rule breakers. While there are many options in how to deal with these types of tenants, the most commonly used techniques include the following:

* Personal conversation with the tenant to see if they will comply
* Written notice of the violations, with a demand for compliance
* Use of an injunction
* Eviction by use of a court order

Mobile home park rental law Ca is covered by the MRL which sets rights and responsibilities for both mobile home park owners and the residents. Rules and regulations are set in place to insure that the peace and harmony of the mobile home park can be enjoyed by all, equally. When a “rogue” tenant doesn’t follow the rules, actions must be taken. The first choice would be to have a personal conversation with the tenant, discussing the infraction, and how it can be resolved. It could be as simple as pointing out that their car continuously is parked in the wrong space, where the tenant replies that he/she will park appropriately going forward.

If a simple conversation doesn’t take care of the situation, a written notice of the violation is in order. A compliance request should state how to cure the infraction, with a “cure by” date. If no action is taken, legal steps are the next option. This is when having the right mobile home law attorney is important.

In California, the law permits the mobile home park owner to file for a petition for an injunction to comply with the park rules and regulations. It is important that rules be followed, and an example must be made to ensure that other tenants follow the rules. If there is one “bad apple” who gets away with it, the rest will surely try to follow. Mobile home park rental law Ca can involve an injunction, which can be a less harsh way of dealing with a rule breaker than an eviction. The judge will hear the evidence of the infraction, and can issue an order enjoining the tenant from violating the rules which are being broken. This can also be a less expensive avenue in which to proceed.

A full eviction process can be lengthy and involve serious legal fees. You must decide how much of your resources you want to spend on enforcement of the issues. It is wise to find a more prudent way to solve tenant issues. Your mobile home law attorney will advise you as to the best course of action. The bottom line is that we all want our mobile home communities to have the least amount of disputes and the greatest chance of peace and harmony for all.

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