Enforcing Park Rules

Enforcing Park Rules

In looking at your park rules one thing to consider is what options community owners have available to them to enforce those rules. Park rules are, of course, essential in operating a park, and the Mobilehome Residency Law allows for different ways of enforcing rules and regulations, provided that the park owner can show his or her rules and regulations are “reasonable.” Enforcement of the rules starts with your park manager. Proper training of park management is the key. You may benefit from consulting with a lawyer for landlord issues.

Mobile home park owners can revitalize managers by sending them to various workshops and seminars. In these sessions, managers learn tips on how to improve their communication skills and can learn new approaches to basic management problems. Such support can result in employees who know they are appreciated by their employer(s) and feel that they are a part of the team. This can help to raise the whole tone of the park.

As an owner, show support of the manager’s efforts to enforce the community’s rules and regulations. Being consistent and even-handed in the enforcement of the mobile home park’s rules and regulations is imperative. Residents who have been allowed to ignore the standards and rules of the community can bring down the whole park. Make sure that your park manager makes an effort to enforce all rules and regulations fairly. Proper enforcement of things such as site maintenance, landscaping, accessory equipment, parking, etc., may result in a better environment for all of the residents.

Being informed of mobile home park management law Ca and knowing how to implement best practices will help park management run a happy community. To properly train and maintain a helpful staff, have procedures in place so that your employees know what is expected of them. Make sure that your rules and regulations are written in a clear way, so that enforcement is dealt with easily. Have clear expectations. Train your manager to run an efficient office.

Develop systems implementing violations. Verbal warnings are generally the first line of contact regarding a rule violation. Be sure that the park manager documents all warnings, whether it is a verbal or written warning of a violation. If the manager serves a 7-day notice, the manager needs to fill out and sign a proof of service indicating when and to whom the notice was served. If possible, photographs should be taken. The park should address similar violations at other homes at the same time to avoid claims of harassment or discrimination.

Building a file or a record is important — not only because it makes your potential court case stronger, but it also saves time and money when you later have that manager working with the attorney who is trying to file an eviction or injunction petition with the court to enforce that rule. A smoothly run operation is the goal, a happy community for all is the result. Call Lawyers for Landlords today to help with implementing mobile home park management law CA, and all of your lawyer for landlord issues.

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