Are You Up on the MRL – Mobile Home Residency Law?

Are You Up on the MRL – Mobile Home Residency Law?

California regulates and provides for protections for mobile home tenants and the mobile home park owners under the Mobilehome Residency Law, otherwise referred to as the MRL. The set of laws covered under The MRL establishes both rights and responsibilities for each part. The MRL is to be provided to the tenant and is considered to be part of the terms of the lease or rental agreement entered into by the tenant and owner.

As rental agreements, long term or short term leases can be quite complex, it may be beneficial to consult with an expert in Mobile Home Park Rental Law CA who can assist you in making sure your legal documents are enforceable and well written. Many landlords who write their own leases or agreements ultimately find that a simple mistake can cause headaches when problems arise. Both the park owners and tenants have rights and responsibilities under these laws. Utilizing a mobile home park rental lawyer to assist you with leases, park regulations and rental agreements is critical to having the right legal documents in place. Having a clear understanding of both sides’ rights and responsibilities will enable your park to be managed in compliance with the MRL.

The MRL includes regulations regarding the amount of time needed for notification of rent increases. You need to be sure that your park is in compliance with the required 90 day written notice to tenants. In the state of California, there is no state mandated rent control. However; you need to be aware of any local rent control ordinances which may regulate your rent increases.

The MRL also includes other factors such as evictions, and terminations of rental agreements or leases. You must show cause for terminations, such as a tenant not paying rent, participating in illegal activities, or being considered a danger to the community. Non-compliance of park rules falls into this category as well. Evictions and terminations must be in writing, and follow the schedule outlined in the MRL. Problems can arise if you do not follow the guidelines covered by the law. This is another example of why utilizing an experienced and competent attorney who specializes in mobile home park rental law will be helpful.

Contact the team at Lawyers for Landlords today to discuss your legal needs regarding mobile home park ownership and management. We have decades of experience to assist you in running your park in the best way possible, avoiding complications down the road.

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