Areas of Practice

The Company

We specialize in protecting the rights of Mobile Home Park owners. We are investor/owners in many mobile home parks throughout California.
Our collective firms have represented many, many Mobile Home Park owners in a vast variety of situations that allowed us to prevail in many civil actions.
We specialize in assisting in the writing of rent and lease contracts, dealing with local government and their agencies, and setting up communication and settlement conferences with various tenant groups. The law firms have dealt with many issues, from eminent domain, to prospective rent control situations. Our experience has helped owners develop buy out plans, individual lot sales, and many, many other situations. There are but a handful of attorneys who really understand the Mobile Home Park issues, and the Manufactured homes issues. It is a field that requires a broad approach to a myriad of problems that may arise. Experience saves you vast amounts of money in legal fees, and many times more importantly, time. So many issues are time sensitive and require immediate action that you simply can’t wait for a local attorney to educate themselves to react to a situation that you are faced with.
We consider our client’s needs as the purpose of our existence. We react quickly, decisively, and comprehensively to your situation. Please contact us with the situation you are currently facing for the answers you need.